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I’ve always loved eating home-cooked food better than eating out. To me, creating a recipe and cooking it, infusing the steps with love and intention, it’s all a creative process. It’s also one of the best ways I found to express myself. And a few years ago, a very important shift happened, when we moved to Arizona.

You see, the sun brings me a strong creative energy and a powerful feeling of connection to the rest of the world. And since I’ve always been one to marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature, it was only natural for me to establish roots, in the form of a garden, in the Valley of the Sun.

I started experimenting with different seeds and with the variety of wonderful edible plants we can grow in the Desert. I started eating simply from the plants and the trees that were so bountiful, both in my garden and at the various farmers markets around town. It was a simple and natural progression towards the ever living bounty of nature. And the beginning of my plant adventures.

What solidified it all, and also serves as a magical backdrop for my journey, is my love and strong connection to Jamaica. From my first visit, many years ago, I felt a very deep attachment to the island. Jamaica is not only beautiful, she’s good for the soul. Jamaica is actually a feeling, a mystical sort of emotion. As a creator, I turn to Jamaica to get inspiration. I find it in the richness of heart of the people, the nature, so abundant and nourishing, the healing properties of the ocean and of course, the mountains and the jungle. I have hopes that one day I’ll be calling Jamaica home.

It is also in Jamaica that I discovered Rastafari. Not the Rasta idea from the tourist brochures, but the real Rastafari way of life, the Rastafari Livity. The essence of Rastafari, which anchors itself in the hope for the liberation of the African continent and its People, creates a bridge between our existence and many indigenous traditions. Among many other things, Rastafari is about our connection to the Earth, the balance that exists within nature and our belonging to one consciousness, that feeling of one pure love. The Livity embraces an unconditional love of the land and a way of eating that is natural (Ital), void of animal flesh and processed food. Over 6 years ago, I named my first garden Livity Gardens, and started a blog of the same name.

The Livity Gardens creations are healing by nature and help promote a strong immune system. I believe that the future is home-style, plant-based meals, centered on health, immunity, and the support of the community. I create food with love and intention, in honor of my body, the only home I have in this life.

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