About Livity Gardens

As far as I can remember, my mom was in her kitchen. I remember sitting on the countertop, licking bowls and utensils, asking questions. My mom was, and is still an excellent cook. Even though we weren’t anywhere close to being plant-based, we always had vegetables that were nicely prepared and were often times the star of the meal. She knew how to make a kid eat vegetables.

Fast forward to my own kitchen. I’ve always loved eating home-cooked food better than anything else. To me, cooking, plating, it’s all a creative process, and it’s one of the best way I can express myself. I started a catering service in Chicago, which was very meat-centric, and we were throwing dinner parties that would have made a vegan faint. Then, after a few years, a first shift happened, when we moved to Arizona.

The sun brings me a strong creative energy and a powerful feeling of connection to the rest of the World. And since I’ve always been one to marvel at the beauty of Mother Nature, it was only natural for me to establish roots, in the form of a garden, in the Valley of the Sun. I started experimenting with different seeds and with the variety of wonderful foods we can grown in the Desert. I started eating simply from the plants and the trees that were so bountiful in my garden, and in the various farmers markets around town. It was a simple and natural progression towards the ever living bounty of nature.

The Livity Gardens creations are healing by nature and help promote a strong immune system. I believe that the future is home-style, plant-based meals, centered on health, immunity, and the support of the community. I create food with love and intention, in honor of my body, the only home I have in this life.

With gratitude,


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