Special Events + Personal Chef


My mission is to help the people around me take their food to the next level. The Plant Level.

It’s not easy going it alone. I know. Accountability is key in this lifestyle change, and having someone to talk to, having someone to hold you accountable is precious. Feel free to reach out to discuss your goals, get information, share books and ideas, or simply to get a dose of motivation, when it’s most needed.

Personal Chef

I provide busy families, professionals, athletes and those with special dietary needs, chef-prepared, customized meals made with fresh, wholesome ingredients delivered right to their door. Contact me top discuss your dietary needs and goals.


If you are planning a dinner party, a cocktail, or a wine tasting, and you’d like to take your food to the next level, the plant level, look no further. I know you will appreciate the personal touch and thoughtfulness that goes into every dish that I prepare through my boutique catering service. I always use whole foods and seasonal ingredients from local markets to create a healthy, high-end dining experience. Please click HERE for more information.

Food Demonstrations + Corporate Offerings

If you want to bring the Plant Based Food vibes to your event, festival, gathering, or workplace, I’m here for you. From food demonstrations at Vegan Festivals, to food and yoga experience for the workplace, I can share my passion using many different formats, to keep employees motivated and demonstrate how easy it can be to take your food to the Plant Level. Please click HERE for more information.

Cooking Lab + Special Events

I offer small size cooking classes locally, at the Livity Gardens Cooking Lab, or in your home. Please click HERE for the next available dates or contact me directly to host a class in your home.

Thank you for your interest in re-discovering real food!